What is Rebel Chic?

Rebel Chic is a jewelry and accessories collection with an ethos of empowerment through sustainable design and style.

How is Rebel Chic sustainable?

Rebel Chic's collections are delicately handcrafted from repurposed leather (remnants, upcycled leather garments) or vegetable tanned leather.

As the owner and designer, I work hard to adhere to a Zero Waste Eco philosophy by creating collections in small batches and making pieces as they are ordered. 
This minimizes waste by not over producing which will contribute less to landfills.


Tisha Brown is the owner, designer, and maker of Rebel Chic Jewelry and accessories.
A true product of New York City's diverse culture, she was born in The Bronx to an African-American father and a South Korean mother.
Growing up in New York City, experiencing the kaleidoscope of it's cultures and it's grit has provided a juxtaposition that inspires Tisha's design sensibility. 

As a small child, Tisha would create beaded jewelry with her grandmother in South Carolina and was taught other maker skills such as crocheting, hand stitching, quilting, and knitting.  
The value of creating something from discarded materials was instantly impressed on her by her family through various craft projects which has heavily influenced her creative style till this day.

Tisha studied fashion, art, and dance in New York City's public schools which led to her career in fashion and wardrobe styling.